Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd
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Aopu coal plough model LK

This utility model provides a new plough discharger comprising the frame, the electric pushing rod and the plough head plate mounted at the rod fore-end. Its characteristic is that there is a board rack on the frame just under the plough head plate.he frozen materials cleaner is our new product specially developed for the belt conveyors that work outdoors in the cold areas where the belt conveyors are easily stuck with frozen materials. Its development fills up the domestic gap in solving the issue of cleaning off frozen materials sticking to the belt conveyors that run at a low temperature in the northern plants like power plants and coal mines in winter.

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About Aopu

Yantai Aopu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of coal ploughs, buffer machine, cleaners, overflow resistant skirt plates and all kinds of mining machines and mining accessory products. The production adopts directly SM70 slab rubber and cold vulcanized gluing technique, which goes ahead in this industry in China.

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Company Profile

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